Days of joy

Last Sunday the long wait was over, and our dear college girl came home for spring break. Oh, it is good to see her. And to hear her play piano, read aloud, laugh, visit, and be her generally wonderful, at home, self. Welcome home, Madelaine!

And while Madelaine was riding forever on the Coast Starlight train toward home, these two fellas were debating their brains out. I sent them all the way to San Diego in my van without me, glad that I have friends who could fill in while I recovered from the viral mess that I have been. Oh, did I want to be there, cheering on every bit of news as we heard that they were winning and continuing on all the way to the quarter final round...which they also won! I had a dear friend who called me so I could hear the news as it was announced:

"And in the round of Auburn Wheeler/Wheeler against (Name That Opponent), the winner is........Auburn Wheeler/Wheeler!!!!" ...

and the crowd goes wwwwiiiilllldddd.

We screamed here in the privacy of our own living room like good March Madness fans. Our team, our Wheeler/Wheelers, were tearing up the tournament!!! Yahoo!

Out of 202 debaters, son Rex was the 15th place speaker, and son Zack was the 5th place speaker. Out of 101 teams, Auburn Wheeler/Wheeler came in 3rd. We were so proud, so thrilled, so delighted. Often times in life you work hard and you don't get any accolades; this time my guys did, and I am so glad. Congratulations on a job well-done, sons.

On Monday, just hours after the boys got home, I was back in the emergency room with my dear mother. Fortunately, she was not admitted; we really wanted her to be home, but she was, once again, having trouble breathing. This time it is bronchitis, on top of recovering from pneumonia. At the age of 83, I can only begin to imagine how tired she must be. She keeps telling me her warranty must be up because all her parts are giving out. Oh, to have the cheer and humor she has when hit with physical ailments over and over again. I am awed, once again, by the gift she is to me.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad your mother is slowly, slowly getting better. This month has been particularly bad for pneumonia and bronchitis here in the East too.

Congratulations to Auburn, Wheeler/Wheeler! How very proud you must be.

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