Family celebration

We had intended to have a nice family dinner last Monday in celebration of Madelaine's return for spring break and in honor of the boys' accomplishments at the latest debate tournament, but Mom's recent trip to the E.R. preempted our special event. So, I threw the cooked lamb into the freezer, hoping that I could figure out a way to reheat it without over-cooking it. At long last we were able to reschedule for last night.

Yes, we popped a little bubbly, and we had a terrific salad, my grandmother's yeast roll recipe, a sadly over-cooked but still yummy leg of lamb, and piles of golden mashed potatoes. Add a pear and plum galette for dessert and we were all happy and full.

With everyone home and the spring light so perfect in the front yard, I wanted to get some pictures. It became a bit crazy, but that's half the fun.

Muscle flexing and manly aggression finally gave way to my handsome men.

The girls were fine and lovely and composed until ....

I came along, and then things quickly descended into blurred hilarity.
I do love having both of my girls home.

Happy parents with everyone home.


Juliet SN said…
I love, love this post :) Miss you all!
Alison said…
Love all the crazy and lovely family shots. You illustrate for me how to enjoy the moment with your wonderful family. I think the parents shot would make a great anniversary card this year....
Risa said…
oooooh Brennan cracks me up. consistently. these pictures are *great* are all of you.
Skeller said…
I think these are really truly just the sweetest pictures. Especially the juxtaposition of beautiful women with tough dudes showing off muscles! ;-)
Addie said…
Brennan reminds me so much of George! *beams* Wonderful pictures, Mrs. Wheeler! I love the first one of all the guys, because Mr. Wheeler's expression is priceless. :D And Madelaine is so beautiful. Wow. :) What a wonderful family!
Tammy said…
Ohhh, Di, I so love family dinners when everyone is home! AND I do believe we have the same kind of crazy pictures occur every single time mom wants an updated picture of the kids...goodness, such wonderful memories to keep in our hearts!

Tammy ~@~

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