Last Sunday

Debate was over and we headed north on my old commuter route. As has happened before, I found myself exiting the freeway and heading west toward the coast that used to be my home. The pull of the ocean is strong in my soul.

We stopped only for burritos and cokes. What more could we need?

Plenty of beauty and relaxation.

An accidental album cover shot, to be stored for when needed.

It was a beautiful Sunday.


stephseef said…
Can we dare to hope that this post means you're emerging from the stupor? Been praying for you. Trusting that you're getting stronger!

All is well here. I'm weepy from watching the Oscars - awards given by people I don't know to people I'll never meet. Sigh. Not the best use of time ever, but great avoidance technique for the incredibly long list of things I need to accomplish by Wednesday....

Talk to you so soon. I love the album cover.

Juliet SN said…
Beautiful pictures, Mrs. Wheeler! I miss you guys. Oh, and I *love* Claire's dress :)
Risa said…
great pictures, mom wheeler. sending love your way. :)
janelle said…
Alison said…
The next time you come, call me! I'd love to join you for an impromtu burrito at the beach. Glad it was a lovely day.
Addie said…
Great pictures, Mrs. Wheeler! And like Juliet I *love* Claire's dress. Wow. :)

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