Marcel 2010

The candidate and friends

"I am the Republican candidate for the 6th Senatorial district. This is not the time for business as usual. It is time to hold the Senate Leader accountable for California’s problems. As a voter, you will decide whether to keep the current establishment intact and powerful, or to send me to the State Senate with the message that the citizens of California have had enough. This is a platform that Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike can agree with. "

Marcel Weiland

Getting the word out

We are thrilled to have a friend of ours running for the California State Senate, District 6. Our only disappointment? We don't live in District 6. Just because we can't give him our vote doesn't mean we can't show our support, though; we hope to work on the campaign as much as possible. Yesterday's tea party event at the state capitol was a good time to get the message out: Marcel 2010!

Some of the campaign team

For more information about Marcel Weiland and his campaign, please visit his website.


Anne, Moms for Marcel! said…
Thanks for the post and the link for my favorite candidate!
Anonymous said…
Marcel for senate. He is a winner, a worker, a thinker. Be a part of the push to get California moving forward.

John Wheeler

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