The end of year swirl

Last week my olders finished their Schola classes, this week the junior college classes my older boys were taking finished.  Now it is all about DEBATE.  Research.  Research.  Haircut.  Pick up dry cleaning.  Research.  Pick up new suit.  Match gorgeous but strangely colored thrift store Italian suit to the thousands of ties available.  Find two matches.  Pause for the moment to acknowledge that this is a miracle.  Research.  Talk about debate.  Practice debate.  Research.  Sleep.  Eat.  Research.

We leave soon to drive our trusty and dusty van to gorgeous San Diego.  The boys have never qualified for the national debate tournament before, so it is very exciting.  And the younger non-debaters are excited because there will be the beach, and friends, and fireworks...and did I mention the beach?  We're ready for an adventure.

Debate is a demanding extra-curricular event.  It costs money, it takes time, and it strains the brain cells, but I am deeply grateful that my sons dragged me into it.  They are learning to think and organize and communicate in ways that thrill me.  And I am fortunate enough to have dear, close friends who are involved in the same craziness with me.  It is an all-round win-win-win-win for us.

San Diego -- Here We Come!


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