The fairweather fan checks in

I am not a serious baseball fan, but I married one and a few of our offspring love the game.  This weekend my husband's team, the team of his childhood, had a perfect game.  Wowee zowee.

I am sure John will always remember Mother's Day 2010 as the day Dallas Braden pitched a perfect game.  And the day that his wife renewed her interest in The Game.

Go A's.


Quotidian Life said…
The only professional baseball game I ever went to was an Oakland A's game. My wheelchair bound Sunday School teacher was a fan and she took some of her class to the game. I remember Campy Campinaris--that's about all. John probably remembers him. These days I have to keep after my John who is prone to click on to internet highlights when he should be studying : )
Di said…
Melissa, When I read this to John he was able to tell me every.single.player that was on the team with Campy. Every name. Every position. I'm sure you're dying to know the details, but you'll have to google it (-:

Brennan is my ESPN stalker. Just a click away!

Carol in Oregon said…
You know, Di, I could lose myself in baseball. After sitting through ten years of baseball games, I learned a few things about the game. I keep myself in check because it is SO time consuming.

My oldest, Chris, tries to attend at least one major league game a year. *He* is the one who told me about the perfect game. Every pitcher's dream. Kudos to Dallas Braden!

And Go A's! [I grew up going to see the Cubs quite often with my girlfriend's family. But I have an A's memory. Traveling to a summer camp, we always went past a large farm (in Indiana, I think) that had the A's painted on the roof of the huge barn. I believe the owner of the A's owned that farm. It was always a fun landmark.]

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