NITOC (National Invitational Tournament of Champions)

It is a ten-ish-hour drive to San Diego. That is a long drive, but my companions were great company, the music was energizing, and the hours flew by.

University of San Diego was our destination, and NITOC was our purpose for the week.

We worked hard, both at the tournament and at the hotel late at night. It was exhausting in a wonderful way.

When announcements are made it feels all about winning and losing. We love winning, but there is so much more to it. The camaraderie is priceless. We are a team, and it is a beautiful thing.

Even the siblings are there in the early morning, ready to hear of their siblings wins and losses.

The ocean was waiting for us when we were done. Oh! I LOVE the beach. San Diego is gorgeous.

I love these debaters.

And these beach bums.

It's good to be home, but this road trip was a blast!


stephseef said…
Great photos, great report. Big love to you. We have a 10-ish-hour drive coming up on Saturday... will be gone for a week to the north shore of Lake Huron - some sacred ground where I spent lots of time as a college student, and as an InterVarsity staff worker. So happy to share it with my kids next week..... and will be so glad to catch up with you. Hugs!
Anonymous said…
I love your pictures, Mommy! Thank you so much for putting them up. I'm glad you all had such a good time and got home safely.

love you,
Donna Boucher said…
You must print that last picture really really big!
Les said…
Coming out of lurkdom to say I was there, too! Well, sort of. I was visiting family in San Diego (Escondido) and my nephew's best friend (Caleb Taylor) was in the competition. I'm sure it was a big event, but what a coincidence to read your post and know someone who knows someone who participated. Sort of a six degrees of separation thing. :)

Lovely school, too. I spent a semester there in 1980.
Di said…
Caleb is such a fine young man -- and a VERY successful competitor. What a small world. Wish we could have met.

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