Just what the doctor ordered

In January my doctor gave me a prescription:

By 7/01/10 at least three days alone with hubby.

No kids.

No interruptions.

Someplace secluded...like the coast.

Some thought that was strange, a sign of trouble and reason to worry. Not at all. My doctor is my mother's doctor. When I saw him in January, we had been through months of crises, and he is well-versed enough in the lives of fifty-year-old women to know the necessity of a break. The months after that appointment were filled with more roller coaster days. Life on the edge of death, parenting of beautiful children, making ends meet when they get further and further apart. The idea of margin was becoming nostalgia, right up there with LPs and phones attached to the wall.

But knowing we had reservations at a cottage in Bodega Bay for three nights was enough to keep us running the race with endurance. A focal point, like in labor, that reminded us that the cares and responsibilities are not all there is; rest was around the corner.

It was worth the wait. Perfectly timed. Last week Bodega Bay was socked in with fog, this week the sky is a canvas of sparkling blue and warm sunshine. Last week was scout camp and dear friends and home. This week is ocean views and meals for two and books started and finished.

Almost there

Home Sweet Home for three nights

Simple pleasures

Happy anniversary, love.

And we still have until tomorrow night. Oh, happy thought.


stephie said…
is that a Mike's Hard Lemonade in Cranberry?!?!?! Be still my beating heart.
Alison said…
Cheers to you Diane! So glad you and John are having a great getaway. You guys look so happy and relaxed. Priceless.
Di said…
Black Cherry, Steph. I'll save a cranberry one in the frig at home for your visit (note the certainty of that comment (-:)
Staci said…
Enjoy your time together.

I still prefer the lemonade-flavored Mike's.
Di said…
Lime is my favorite, Staci. But black cherry was a fine second (-:

Alison, it is so good to see the coast again. It brings me back to life!

Anonymous said…
how lovely. It's hard to take the time, but oh so worth it when we make the effort.

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