On tulips and life

Ruby blossoms he gave as we began our escape.

The color of love.

Sadly the drive was too hot, too long.

Weak and wobbly, losing petals, all seemed lost.

A cup filled gave hope,

but bent and fragile still

Until, unwatched, the cold reached deep enough.

Stems standing tall once again,

The golden wall a canvas for their radiance.

Like said rubies, we escaped.

Already wilted, petals of joy dropping;

The year had taken its toll.

When fatigue and worry combine, hope can hide.

Winding through brown hills, we tumbled into the sea salt air.

A red door, a sapphire blue sky,

and rest waiting to be found.

Parched, we drank deeply.

The color of love rings boldly once again.


Alison said…
Just beautiful, Diane.

By the way, Here Comes the Sun is my personal theme song.

So glad the time away was romantic and restorative.
Allison said…
Wow. YOu rock.
Donna Boucher said…
You and your camera rock those red tulips.
My camera can not shoot red.
It's allergic to red.

Yours are perfectly exposed and lovely!
janelle said…
I'm in full agreement with Allison, Diane! You truly rock. :-)

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