Thoughts for today

"Whatever troubles come, let us play the man; let us show that we are not such little children as to be cast down by what may happen in this poor fleeting state of time. Our country is Immanuel's land, our hope is above the sky, and therefore, calm as the summer's ocean; we will see the wreck of everything earthborn, and yet rejoice in the God of our salvation." Spurgeon

HT: Shannon Odell, a blog worth visiting often.


Donna Boucher said…
That darling Shannon goes to Hillsdale!!
My alma mater.
She is a wonderful photographer.
How do you know her Diane?
Di said…
Shannon was a classmate of Madelaine's in Schola Tutorials Greek. I am often in awe of Shannon's photography as well as her thoughtful reflections on life.
We have two dear friends who are headed to Hillsdale in the fall (along with Melika.) A quality place!

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