A Summer List

The spazzy month of June is over. Don't get me wrong: the spazziness was divine; we loved our company, we loved our adventures, we loved it all. But now it is July. And this year that means Home. The annual Oregon trek won't happen until July is down to its last drops, so I am beginning to wonder what four weeks of home will include. It's been a year of serious household neglect, so there will be projects aplenty, but I am thinking of a list more along the lines of what I read at Orangette today. Colors, sensations, memories that end up tucked away in the corners of my mind, fortifying me when the sun (literal or figurative) no longer shines, these are what I want to anticipate and savor.

To Do in July

Catch the sunrise in the garden
Read Pinocchio aloud
Record my mother's stories
Nap in the sunshine
Star gaze on the deck
Swing dance
Paint a watercolor of my view
Have an elegant dinner party
Sip champagne under the full moon (July 25)


Donna Boucher said…
You have some lovely plans for the month.

Alison said…
This is the best to-do list I've read of late.

You've inspired me to make my own July list.
Janie said…
I wish my July list looked like yours! Enjoy!


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