And then he started playing the harmonica...

We have hit the vacation trail.

All seven of us. And a guitar. And an IPod. And a harmonica.
We do not do quiet when we're road trippin'.

We've seen the same sights we see every year.
(Yes, that is a cow sculpture. Yes, in the middle of nowhere. And, yes, I took a picture of it.)

We found this sign and photographed it just for Juliet.

We spent the night at Gutenberg, our daughter's home-away-from-home during the school year.

It gave us a chance to stretch our legs, meet great people, and play some music.

And now we are at the coast, our favorite place for summer memories.

And the perfect spot to think complete, uninterrupted thoughts.

I have a lot of thinking and praying and planning and wondering to do. Fortunately, I have the sea air coming in my window and a little coffee pot on the counter, just waiting to brew French roast for me should I need it.

And I have time. Blessed time.

It promises to be a good week.


stephseef said…
The picture of the crew in the car is one of the best i've ever seen. What a crew! Have a wonderful week. I'm praying for you as I drink my coffee. Hope that French press serves you well.

Much, much love...

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