The newest scout in the family

Our youngest joined the scout troop in January, and he has now fulfilled the requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot and Second Class ranks. Wow! We are incredibly proud of him.

The summer is a great time for scouting adventures. Boy Scout camp happened in June, and Yosemite Creek camping was in July. Beautiful places with good friends!

Building a fire and cooking a hot dog...yes, in the front yard.

Brennan was one of two scouts who passed the swimming merit badge at camp.
(How cold was the water? Rumored to have been 48 degrees. Major Man Points.)

Not only did the best kind of friends join our troop,
but the boys were able to do their wilderness survival merit badge together.
Memory making at its finest.

Camping with Dad, brother and the troop, Yosemite Creek.

And best of all: the big sister was here to make her traditional scout rank advancement cake.

Congratulations, Brennan. Keep up the good work!


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