Just as school began around here it became clear that I would need to have some surgery. This is nothing serious, what they refer to as routine surgery, but it is still brand new for me. It has caused me to think a lot, and to clean forgotten corners of our house like a crazy woman.

Tomorrow is the big day, and I would appreciate your prayers. If all goes well, I will be home and resting by the afternoon. My family is here, ready to answer the call of duty, and I am heading to bed for what I hope will be a peaceful night of sleep.

I'll be back when I am able.


Islandsparrow said…
Dear Di ~ thinking of you today, and praying <3
Alison said…
So, so sorry to hear about the surgery. Prayers being sent your way for a successful procedure and a quick recovery.


Anonymous said…
prayers for a speedy recovery
Skeller said…
Praying for you this morning, m'dear....
Rose said…
I read your blog daily. I have thought about all day and I hope all went well with your surgery and you are recovering at home as I write this note. Take care.
Family First said…
Just found your lovely blog while searching simultaneously for a book for my book group and Pope's Ode to Solitude. Good wishes for your recovery.
Pilgrim said…
Hope your procedure went well, and you are getting rested up.

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