Blogging from the library

just isn't the same as blogging from home.

In defense of the libary, the internet is faster here. And I do have a lack of concern for how my activities might be defeating the ever-present bandwidth issue in our home. I will admit to that freedom.

But where is my coffee?
Where are my books of quotes?
Where are the chattering voices around me?
Where are my files of pictures?

At home. And I am at the library. Drat.

I did find a great recipe for chile rellenos thanks to the beautiful picture that appeared on the monitor across the way. And this internet connection is really, really fast.

But I prefer to blog at home.
In my jammies.
With my coffee.


Alison said…
I miss your pretty photos, too.
Vic and Ver said…
You are right, but libraries are fun places to be surrounded by all those books.

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