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** Reading my adopted niece's blog this morning reminded me how much I miss my not-coming-home-for-Thanksgiving girl. I am grateful for the tutor at Gutenberg College whose family is welcoming Madelaine in for the holiday.

Know a lonely college student in your community? Make sure they have a seat at a table for Thanksgiving. They'll be so grateful (and their parents will be, too!)

Just a few more weeks, Madelaine!

** Tonia has begun writing online again, and she is blowing me away with her words. I am honored to call her my friend.

** There is lots of excitement about Thanksgiving around here. On Wednesday we are heading to a favorite place, the home of friends in the valley. Never again can we say we always have Thanksgiving here; this will be the second time in the last five years we have gone to a friend's house for the big day. I was eager to cook, my friend was eager to recover from some surgery, and there are twelve children who are eager to play and laugh and talk and burn calories before The Big Meal.

What are we cooking? All the usual suspects. Some things we're trying new, though:

Ree's Sweet Potatoes . For Lisa, with love.

A fresher recipe for Green Bean Casserole thanks to Cooks Illustrated.

Cranberry Chutney from Orangette in addition to the ordinary cranberry sauce.

Current challenges include:

finding the recipe for my beloved Cornbread Sausage Stuffing. The page from Martha Stewart's Entertaining fell out a few years ago, and now it is Gone. I miss its smudgy, dripped on, ripped up list of ingredients, and I am wondering if I can recreate the masterpiece without it. This could become an emergency!

Also, Mom is not coming with us, and so I will be without my Gravy Muse. Who knows what the gravy will be like, but our friends are still willing to have me rattle around in their kitchen, crazy risk taking fools that they are.

So, happy Monday, and if you happen to have a copy of the original Entertaining book on your shelf, feel free to email me the best tasting stuffing recipe in the world. That would make my day.


Staci said…
Cornbread Sausage Stuffing? But you're not southern. I think it's a sign that you're supposed to make real bread stuffing this year. :)

Just kidding. I just have strong feelings about my stuffing. I'm sure your cornbread stuffing is delightful.

Have a great Thanksgiving.
Alison said…
I have a nearly no-fail mushroom gravy recipe from 30 Minute Meals. If I can make gravy, you can make gravy....Let me know if you want me to send it along.

janelle said…
So glad you posted, Diane! Happy Thanksgiving! It will be fun to hear about your "away game" next week. Blessings!
Di said…
Now, this really the right place to have the cornbread vs um, boring bread stuffing? It could get ugly (-:

Alison, I will eagerly await an email with gravy help. It can only get better, trust me.

tonia said…

thank you, sweet friend.

i wish you a lovely and abundant thanksgiving. your plans sound delicious! (i make a cornbread stuffing with pecans and mushrooms that I am drooling with anticipation over. *smile*)

so thankful for you.

Under the Sky said…
I hope you have a marvelous time, Di! What a great bunch of lovely people you all will be.

I am so glad you are posting these links on FB as I would eternally forget to read your blog if you didn't.

Love you!

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