Cornbread stuffing fiasco averted

A huge sigh of relief has been breathed here at the house. The cornbread stuffing recipe has been found; a friend sent it along via email, so we are on schedule for Thanksgiving yumminess.

If you are interested, I posted the recipe on my food blog here .

For those still living on the plain bread side of the stuffing debate (aka:Staci): come to the cornbread side; we'll be waiting with open arms!


Sandy C. said…
I grew up with cornbread stuffing but married into a plain bread stuffing family. The first year we were married, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner and the cornbread stuffing was barely touched. When I asked Terry why not, he said, "we're all used to bread stuffing." I caved and learned to make plain bread stuffing. Yesterday, about the 20th year I've made the plain bread stuffing, we all declared it the "best ever." Ah, the compromises we make...

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