Thanksgiving Day

It is a beautiful day in Oakdale,California.

The sun is shining and the leaves are audibly falling in the orchard.
Don't let that sparkly sunshine fool you, though.
It is chilly out there.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Give us that due sense of all Thy mercies
that our hearts may be unfeignedly thankful;
and that we might show forth Thy praise,
not only with our lips but with our lives...

Thanks for that prayer, Carol


steph said…
love you, Di. thankful for many things this year - and you're at the top of the list.

ps. it's FREEZING here. your chilly doesn't cut it.
Mary: said…
Thank you for the beautiful card - so whimsical, lovely, like you.

A Happy, Happy Day to you and all of yours - You're a treasure and one of the people I'm most thankful for.

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