Christmas photo shoot

Setting the stage.

(Or being a totem pole.  Not sure.)



Nice again.

The annual, "How do I use this timer feature?" challenge.
Not like this!

Merry Christmas!

And the crowd goes wild.


Alison said…
Love the photos, Diane. What a lovely family! Hope you have had a wonderful holiday season.
elizabeth said…
Blessed Christmas time!


Beautiful photos.
Kate said…
I love the family portrait! It looks like you are on the mend. So happy to see that!

Are you going to print that photo out to give away or shall I download it and do it myself? I love it and have an older shot of your family on my fridge. Must needs a new one! :)

Love you,
Risa said…
Oooh I love those smiles and those people even more. <3
DebD said…
what sweet progression of photos. Loved being in on the fun.

Merry Christmas
janelle said…
Merry Christmas!! Beautiful Family!!
Carol in Oregon said…
Everything they said above and this observation: WHEN did C. grow up? She looks twenty! A beauty! Both your daughters are beautiful!

I especially like the totem pole.

And the zaniness. Zany works well.

As do arms around shoulders.

You are blessed.
Anonymous said…
Lovely, lively and loving photos, thanks for sharing! The sequence aspect was like being there. I could almost hear the laughter and laughter is so good especially with families.
loving prayers, jep
Donna Boucher said…
Yay! You did it! I love your photos!! I even love the out of focus one.

You have a GREAT family, Di!

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