Morning musings

The view from where I sit is sparkling with sunshine and clear skies.  The bare tree branches outside are a stark silhouette, and the moss of the lower branches glimmers like Hobbiton in the morning light.  I can feel the chill of the day seeping through the old window frames in this lumbering house my daughter calls her home during the school year. It is good to be here.

She is packing, and soon she and I will join all those who have left town for Christmas holidays.  Driving alone yesterday, with only Jan Karon's new novel to keep me company (and a welcome phone call...thank you, Carol), I was eager to just get here, for time to move faster than possible.  Now I am ready for time to slow, stop if it cared to.  I am so glad to be together.

The dirt on the windows makes for lousy pictures, the age of the glass causes the clarity to wobble, too. But I love being on this bed, looking out at these trees, seeing the sunshine sparkling in the Eugene sky, and having Madelaine bustling away around me.

Yes, if time could stop. Just for a bit.


Staci said…
*crawling out from under my rock* Jan Karon has a new novel? Really? When did that happen?

Glad you are with your girl again. Have a Merry Christmas.
Waterfall said…
I enjoyed your word and picture sketches today. And the writer in me really loves the phrase "lumbering house"!

Hope you're able to make the most of this special time. Sounds like you're doing a good job of it so far.
Alison said…
Safe travels home, Diane.

Merry Christmas!
Carol in Oregon said…
And I love wobbly clarity.

Prayers for your safe return.

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