St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

We took a few hours yesterday to visit St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in the nearby town of Jackson.

Have you ever been in an Orthodox church? I have, but I was not prepared for the beauty that surrounded me when I entered St. Sava's. It was as if I had entered an entirely different world.

My mother-in-law and I enjoyed the company of the deacon of the church. His stories of God's provision, told with humor and with awe, made him a terrific docent.

This is on the ceiling. I had seen pictures online, but trust me when I say: it is NOTHING like it is in person. It takes your breath away.

Beautiful is such a weak word. Staggeringly gorgeous? Closer.

If you are heading through Jackson, California, the church is on the frontage road to Highway 49, on the east side of the highway. Call ahead if you would like to see inside (contact numbers are on the website.)

To see photos of the painting process, click here


elizabeth said…
Beautiful. Reminds me of the story of the report back to St. Vladimir about being in Constantiople and they did not know if they were on heaven or earth...
Patricia said…
Earlier this year we made a day trip up to Tarpon Springs - a largely Greek community on Florida's west coast. On our way out of town, we stopped to peek inside their church. Wow! I, too, took photos that I've yet to post because I didn't think they properly revealed the detailed beauty inside that Greek Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, the only other person in the church that day was speaking Greek. We just wandered about in awe.
DebD said…
what a blessing to have someone to take you around. It is hard to truly capture such quiet beauty in pictures. I'm glad you shared them with us.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mrs. Wheeler,
I was just researching beautiful orthodox churches and I came across your post. You have captured it very well! For me, entering an orthodox church is walking into heaven.
Tommy Silva

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