The Third Sunday in Advent

"Yet when we embrace the Incarnation, we embrace the love of God. For this is God Himself, God in the flesh, Immanuel, who came to this place out of His great, abiding love for mankind. Not just a good man, not an angel, not even God wrapped in a fleshly outer shell, effectively still separated from man. This is the God-man, Christ Jesus, come to pour out the love of the Trinity, the other-abiding love that was and is and ever shall be, on His most treasured creation, though we were lost, though we would set ourselves to humiliating Him.

To understand Christ as the King self-humbled, the God crossed over from His Kingdom, is to begin to glimpse the great love that we cannot yet fathom. And to meditate on this is to feel one’s heart overflow. “The dogma,” as Sayers would say, “is the drama."

From Tony Woodlief's recent World Magazine online post.  You can read the whole thing here.   Woodlief is the author of Somewhere More Holy (I mentioned it here), and he blogs at Sand in the Gears.


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