Gifts of grace on a hard day

~ I woke with a start this morning, realizing that Mom had not been awake in the night.  That was unexpected!  Sleep was something I figured I would have to do without for a while.
~  The hospice nurse came to get us oriented to all they will do and all we will do.  As the car pulled in the driveway I realized it was the sister of a dear friend, and her kind and calm manner made all of us relax.
~  I picked up a message on the phone this afternoon, and it was Mom's friend Rosemary.  She said she was bringing food (note that she did not ask...that works for me.)  She brought not only food but good cheer and words of love for Mom.  She also reminded me that Mom's church will provide meals and support for us.  Wow.  It's good to be in the Body of Christ.
Gifts of grace on a hard day.
Thank You.


Bonnie said…
Praying for these days with her....
yes, there will be gifts of grace surrounding all of you. I do know.
I've been through that 7 years ago.
Alison said…
Dear Diane,
Sending love across the miles this morning. Thinking of you all and hoping for continued grace today for you all.
Anonymous said…
Sending you prayers today. Having just been through my dad's death 2 weeks ago, and hospice prior to that, I understand the importance of these days and the blessing the hospice nurses provide. They are a special breed. Much love sent your way.
DebD said…
all such comforting gifts. Prayers continue.
elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy and uphold you through this time. Sending love and hugs. So glad to hear of love surrounding you and your Mother...

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