Rest in peace, Mama

Jean Helen Collopy Gault
1-15-27 to 1-29-11

Depart, O Christian soul, out of this world;
In the Name of God the Father Almighty who created you;
In the Name of Jesus Christ who redeemed you;
In the Name of the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you.
May your rest be this day in peace,
and your dwelling place in the Paradise of God.

Into your hands, O merciful Savior, we commend your servant Jean.  Acknowledge, we humbly beseech you, a sheep of your own fold, a lamb of your own flock, a sinner of your own redeeming.  Receive her into the arms of your mercy, into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and into the glorious company of the saints in light.  Amen.


Susan said…
Sending my prayers up on your behalf.

Grace and Peace - from the God of all comfort.

I am a reader in Zurich. Take care,

DebD said…
"Thou only Creator Who with wisdom profound mercifully orderest all things, and givest unto all that which is useful, give rest, 0 Lord, to the soul of Thy servant,Jean, who has fallen asleep, for he has placed his trust in Thee, our Maker and Fashioner and our God"
Funeral Troparion.

Hugs and prayers for you and the family. I hope you can find some peaceful times during this week.
Missy K said…
Wishing you His peace as you miss her, thanking Him for the grace of the time you had with her, trusting Him for mercies new to you each morning.
Kathie said…
Sending you my deep sympathy Di - but rejoicing with you that your dear, dear Mom's suffering is over; she is truly "home", happy and whole with the Lord. Praying that God of all comfort with surround you with His peace and love during your grieving.
stephseef said…
Jesus is Lord. Jean said it; I believe it.

Am so, so sad. Love from The Boo.

Donna Boucher said…
What beautiful prayers for you precious mom.
My heart goes out to you and your family, Di.
Much love.
Staci said…
So sorry, Di. Love and prayers.
Alison said…
Oh Diane,
Sending you prayers this morning for you and your entire family as you continue to bear witness and mourn the passing of your mother. Be gentle with yourself.

You will miss her forever, but what a rich life you had together.
Carol in Oregon said…
Receive her into the arms of your mercy...

Jesus is Lord...

Lord have mercy...

What a glorious braid of truth those words are. What a shaft of beauty your mom was, Di.

Praying. Loving. Weeping.

Les said…
Sending my most heartfelt condolences and love to you and your family.

In the rising of the sun and in its going down,
we remember them.
When we are weary and in need of strength,
we remember them.
When we are lost and sick at heart,
we remember them.
When we have joys we yearn to share,
we remember them.
So long as we live, they too shall live,
for they are now a part of us, as
we remember them.
In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter,
we remember them.
In the opening of buds and in the rebirth of spring,
we remember them.
In the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer,
we remember them.
In the rustling of leaves and in the beauty of autumn,
we remember them.
In the beginning of the year and when it ends,
we remember them.
From the Rabbi's Manual
Alyse said…

I don't have any elegant words, but I am praying for you and your family.
I love the photo of your mother-she looked like a lovely and special lady.
Skeller said…
oh, Diane. I'm aching on your behalf. And rejoicing at the same time that your "goodbye" is not a forever one ...

May God wrap His arms around you all and comfort you as only He can.
Crissy said…
Oh, Di. I am so very sorry.
May He comfort you during this difficult time.

Thinking of you with love and many prayers,

Carrie K. said…
Crying and praying on your behalf. I will continue to hold you and your family up to our merciful Father.
Anonymous said…

You are in my prayers. May the Lord pour out on you His manifold comfort as you grieve the loss of your dear mother, and as you look forward with hope to that glorious Last Day, when He will wipe every tear from our eyes.

Grant her eternal rest, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine on her, with Thy saints forever, for Thou art merciful.

Susan M.
Patricia said…
Prayers for your peace and comfort, Di.
Lori said…
Love you, my dear friend. Thinking of you and praying for God's peace to wash over you.
Sandy C. said…
Praying for you and your family in this time of loss and grief. May God's grace pour over you, comfort you, and give you peace.


Anonymous said…
Dear Di, Our prayers are with you. May they help you through this time. Jesus Is Lord!
love and prayers, jep
Flavia Sunshine said…
I'm so sorry.
I'm praying for you.
I'm sure that now your sweet and dear mom is the loving and safe arms of Jesus.

a reader from Italy
Anonymous said…
Praying that the God of Peace will comfort you and your family in the upcoming days. What a joyful thought--thinking about the glory your mom is now experiencing. Praise God for this blessed assurance!
Anonymous said…
Praying that the God of Peace will comfort you and your family in the upcoming days. What a joyful thought--thinking about the glory your mom is now experiencing. Praise God for this blessed assurance!
elizabeth said…
I am so sorry. Memory Eternal; may God always remember her in His kingdom.

Love and prayers for comfort and strength during this time.
Anonymous said…
Prayers for your family from a reader in Brentwood who does not know you personallly but is continually inspired by your high road in life. Thank you.
Janice Bakke said…
With sympathy from another reader of your site. Blessings.
Anonymous said…
Praying for you all.

Thank you, thank you for the gift you have given us in sharing your mom. You and your mom lifted up the standard...may I live the end of my days with as much grace.

~Heather, a reader
tonia said…
i love you, Di. and all your family. I'm praying for your peace and so touched by the tender relationship God grew between you and your mom. How He loves, how He always brings life and good. I'm so thankful you had this last year.

Much love to you all.
Ruth Ann in East Texas said…
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. It's so very hard to lose our mothers. Keep the faith and cherish all the memories.
I am Episcopalian; i said a prayer for her Sunday in church. May light perpetual shine upon her...always.

Blessings to you, Ruth Ann
Kate said…
Dearest Di,

Matthew 11:25-30
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

In His *love*,
chris said…

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom; your love for her shined through your blog. I'm praying that your family and friends are and will continue to be a great comfort to you. And I'm praying that God will wrap you up in His consolation, giving you a firm assurance that your Mom is hidden with Christ in God, and a palpable sense that in your grief He is always with and for you.

Chris (a reader in England)
At A Hen's Pace said…

I am very late to hear this news...just catching up with your blog today and realizing what grief you've been living with for the past month. It was obvious how deep your friendship with your mom was, and what a huge hole she must leave in your life! But what a blessing to have had that friendship, and her close relationship with your much to celebrate about her life, as you truly did for the years you had her.

Praying for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for your whole family--


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