Thursday, February 17, 2011

A birthday of a different sort

It is pouring rain today.

It is 37 degrees outside.

And what does the birthday boy want to do to celebrate during lunch break?


Without shirts.


Happy birthday, Bren.

Here's to another year of manly adventures!


Alyse said...

Wow. Happy birthday.

Skeller said...

well. if those pictures don't put a huge smile on one's face... :-D

37 - brrrrrr. manly men, indeed.

Under the Sky said...

Hilarious! So did he get a puppy or a basketball? LOL


A Circle of Quiet said...

A duck.

Just kidding, Kate. We're searching for a deal on a hoop. Hope springs eternal.

Loved seeing you last night, even if we are a disrupting force with our attempts to not laugh out loud (=:


Addie said...

And this is why your family rocks. :D