The blossoms are all gone

An armload of freesias graced the altar area at my mother's service.

Three weeks ago they were white and purple and fragrant.

Grief was fresh and new, a gaping wound.  Life was a swirl of responsibilities and the chance to remember.

The bouquet came here and  found a home on the kitchen island.  Every day I would come down, pluck the wilted blossoms, and enjoy the lingering fragrance of the few remaining flowers.

There are no blossoms left.


Alison said…
Sometimes it's when the ordinary days come that is the hardest. Life has gone on, but your heart is still aching. Thinking of you today.
Leslie said…
Your thoughts touch my heart. My love and hugs are sent to you. May you find peace in this day.
Thank you for your beautiful sharing. My prayers are with you at this time.
chris said…
hi Di,

loss is so hard. . . in one way, loss is unbearable because it happens so fast. even if we knew what was coming, and did our best to prepare ourselves for it, the whole world is changed the very instant the person we loved leaves us,in a way we struggle to take in the enormity of. in another way, loss is unbearable because it happens so slowly. losing things that connect us in one way or another with the person we loved (whether they're flowers, or shared projects, or memories...) feels like losing bits of that person, and it goes on for quite a long time. i'm so sorry you have to go through this, and i pray that through it all God—and His comfort--will be (as I think Julian of Norwich put it) "closer to you than the tongue can say or the mind can think."

much love,

Di said…
Thanks for your kind comments, friends.

Anonymous said…
Unless a seed fall to the ground...

Alas. It's watered with tears.

Di said…
Beautiful reminder, Patty. Thanks mucho.


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