Henri Nouwen (1932-1996)

From Henry Nouwen via the wisdom that resides in the beloved Quiet Life Comment Section (often referred to as the QLCS):

I keep projecting my present condition onto the future. If I feel dark, the future looks dark; if I feel bright, the future looks bright. But who am I to know what life will be like for me tomorrow, next week, next year, or ten years from now? Even more, who and I to know who You will be for me in the year ahead? O Lord, I will not bind You with my own limited and limiting ideas and feelings. You can do so many things with me, things that might seem totally impossible to me. I want at least to remain open to the free movement of your Spirit in my life...O Lord, let me remain free to let you come whenever and however you desire.          Amen.


Linda said…
This is such wonderful truth Diane. To let Him come whenever and however He desires - always trusting in His unfailing love and faithfulness.

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