Someone's gonna get hurt

I am the reigning champ of the family March Madness brackets.


At the moment I have potential for a repeat.


Except for the son who took some risks; if he wins the next round, I am toast.

If I win the next round, he is toast.

It all comes down to today's games.

Go Wisconsin!  Go Duke!  Go BYU!  Go UConn!
March Madness is serious business around here.


stephseef said…
i was going to ask you if you picked our boys.

If you wanna be a Badger, then come along with me by the bright shining light of the moon....... :)
Linda said…
You go girl!!
Patricia said…
My daughter told me recently that she finally decided what she wants to be when she grows up - a bracketologist!!!

Must say that I'm doing better than you are tonight so far. My bracket had Florida beating BYU. I bleed orange and blue, but must say that it was fun watching Jimmer.

I'm compelled to tell you another "bracket" story. Last year this time my daughter was taking a class at the local community college. In the middle of the class, the teacher commented that one of the students certainly was taking a lot of notes, to which the student sheepishly responded that she was actually filling out her bracket. Fortunately the teacher was amused.
tonia said…
I think you're in trouble, Di....

Stephie said…
Oh dear. Methinks you had a bad bracket night!
Mary: said…
What crystal clear photos, what crystal clear focus -the WIN!!!! Love it! Hugs.

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