Wednesday, April 06, 2011


My healthy methods of coping in times of trial (and yes, there are unhealthy ones, too):

At least thirty minutes on the treadmill with the beautiful view.  Adding a little each day.  This is essential.

I am always amazed at how much better I feel (physically and emotionally) when I exercise.

Why is it so hard to do something that is so good for me?

Notice beautiful things.  This is my great-grandmother's pitcher.  I love it.

The shadows and sunshine are a bonus.

This is a technique we have used since we were first married.  When life gets to be too much, one of us will say:  "We need to be very busy."  And that means Nothing Happens.  

Last weekend's plans didn't work out, but this weekend is going to be Very Busy.  

Cannot wait.

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The Autumn Rain said...

Every morning this week I have woken up late and resolved that *tomorrow* I would work out. So far it hasn't happened; I just keep sleeping and sleeping (we're talking 9-11 hours a night; my [semi-unhealthy] way of avoiding writing philosophy papers...). But now I'm feeling resolved. Today is the day.