Life goes on

In answer to the question, "What's been going on?"

Easter celebrating with our niece and her family.  

Three children ages three and was a trip down memory lane.

Except that now my children are the big kids.

Even the dog Bauer (as in Jack) found a friend.

Rex's Eagle Scout binder was accepted, aka: his parents can take a deep breath and eagerly anticipate his 18th birthday rather than being panic-stricken about the looming deadline.


Board of Review, ergo Official Eagle Scout status, still to come.  Stay tuned.

A trip to Bodega Bay,

with a special stop at Screamin' Mimi's Ice Cream Parlor in Sebastopol.

Ginger ice cream.  Yumola.

The sunset was glorious (and freezing).

The wild iris were blooming on the path above the cliffs.

Makes me think of you, HMB Alison.

And back home the wisteria is blooming, too.


elizabeth said…
Looks like some special times. I am glad for this for you. Christ is Risen! love to you and some hugs too (hugs are always needed esp. after the Easter holiday winds quietly down)... :)
Alison said…
Good to see your post. I'm so glad you have some good family times of late. I can't tell you how often you've been on my heart.

Love to you, dear friend.

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