Debate: One last time

It's hard to remember that summer is fast approaching as I reach for another sweater and see raindrops pouring off the patio umbrella.  I do live in California, don't I?

The signs of summer begin to wash ashore, though.  And the bridge between the school year and summer is a debate grand finale.  Rex will debate with and against his good friends for the last time in his high school career.  I will get to visit with some of my closest friends, and through it all we will get way too little sleep.

I guarantee that more than once I will wonder why we do this crazy, expensive, exhausting life.  And then I will listen to a student deliver an interpretive speech on The Elephant Man that makes me cry, and it will begin to make sense.  As a fifteen-year-old girl talks about her love of Africa and her heart for the poor, I will be grateful to be challenged by a younger (and wiser) woman.  I will watch Rex debate and think, "There is a lot going right in this world."  And as I am tempted to fall asleep during the award ceremony, my body unable to handle being awake for one more minute, I will no longer be asking why.  The answer will be in the faces of the students filling the rows of seats, ordinary kids who have chosen to do extraordinary work. 

Speech and's a good place to be.


stephseef said…
Would like all the famous people in that photo to autograph it and send me a copy. :). I love Napa. Did you go to the Christian Brothers winery??
Skeller said…
I'll make you an extra-strengthening cup of coffee Monday morning ;-)...

Looking forward to seeing you all and praying for a great last tournament!

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