Leaving at dawn

Sometimes, in the midst of the hard and the tedious, there's a break.

We're skipping town as the sun rises this morning, meandering down to the valley and across the western hills to the Napa Valley.

We plan to linger over coffee and take it slow.  I am looking forward to the chance to think and speak and listen, all without being interrupted by the swirl of home life.

But once the day gets going, we're heading to see some out of town friends who are in Napa for a 50th birthday celebration.  It's hard to get time together when you live on opposite coasts, but we'll make up for lost time with wine tasting, speed scrabble and dinner at Thomas Keller's ad hoc restaurant. Excited? Oh, just a bit.

A break.  Just what the doctor ordered.



Anonymous said…
Traveling Mercies! Hope you have an outstanding time with dear friends, the best gift you can give yourself.

When I saw that you are reading Katish, I thought at first it was Supper of the Lamb, the covers are so alike.

love and prayers,
Linda said…
It sounds absolutely lovely Diane.
I am in great hopes of getting a letter off to you as soon as we have my husband's surgery and recovery time behind us. The wedding was wonderful, and now we must get this taken care of.
Have a wonderful time.
Alison said…
You *must* post about the food and the fun times. I will live vicariously thru your beautiful writing.
chris said…
hope the scenery, food and wine, and the company are so good that you'll both come back not just rested, but reinvigorated...

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