Just yesterday

Twenty-six years ago today, we had our first date, and the following June, we stood before family and friends and promised to be husband and wife. I will never post our vows; they were way too long, totally unrealistic, and a little silly. We both wish someone had said, "You'll regret this!" but we probably would not have listened to them any way.

 June 28, 1986
Palo Alto, California

Amidst the vows, the tuxedo mistakes, the broken hurricane lamps, and the blistering heat, we have incredibly fond memories of that day. It was filled with friends and family, dancing and singing, lace and beautiful flowers, love and celebration.

 June 28, 2011
Calistoga, California

Marrying this man is the best thing I have ever done.

Here's to the next twenty-five years.


elizabeth said…
that's really beautiful. So happy for you! Many many more years!
Smidge said…
Love it! Love you both too!
Alison said…
Just beautiful, Diane. So glad and grateful you are happily married. :)
Kate said…
May God bless the next 25, Di.
Love you!
DebD said…
happy anniversary! May God grant you many years!
Quotidian Life said…
I love the picture of you two--both of them! I remember the top one! Congratulations on your 25th anniversary, John and Diane. God's gifts are perfect!
stephseef said…
SO beautiful. Not many guys can pull off the ascot and look like they mean it. Well done, John! Di, you are beautiful. Then and now, in every way. Sending you both big hugs and much love from far away.


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