The Way I See It: Morning

Molly at Close to Home has begun offering a weekly photography prompt: The Way I See It. This week's assignment is Morning.

I have a love/hate relationship with mornings.  I  love being up, but getting up is ridiculously difficult for me.  I love getting up long before the crowd, and yet I often sleep until the first person stumbles through my room on their way to the shower.  If I get up early, coffee is a necessary element, preferably a hot, fresh Americano.  Fortunately when I stumble down the stairs in the morning, there is almost always espresso waiting for me.  This is one of the benefits of having a husband who wakes pre-dawn. 

If coffee is my first morning thought, light is a close second.  Once the sun comes up over the hill and heads towards our windows, the sun and shadows wake me up to the beauty around me.  I love the morning light. 

I am never ready to eat in the morning, but eat we must.  On special days popovers are a favorite breakfast, and when they are filling the house with their buttery fragrance, even I can get hungry.

I really do love morning, it just takes a cup of coffee to remind me of that fact each and every morning.

Love to take pictures?  Next week's prompt is home.  Join the fun at Close to Home.


Molly Sabourin said…
Beautiful, Di! Thank you! I love, love how you captured in your images your fondness for light - that first morning light specifically. Your photos are especially stunning because of your use of that light. This is such a great post. Thanks again for participating!
stephseef said…
Glorious. Do you have a popover recipe that even an amateur could learn to master??
Di said…

The only question I have is whether or not you actually need a popover pan. I have them and love them (deep, deep muffin pan, basically). I found mine at Ross or TJMaxx for a steal.

Beware: powdered sugar and lemon juice and these are way too good. I only make them when teen boys are around to eat the majority.


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