For the seventeenth time...we begin again

Surrounded by Sonlight binders, listening to piano practice, I take a moment to think of where we have been and where we are going.

Three of my students are done homeschooling.  Two are in college, one is taking a gap year and working full-time.  They are hard working adults now.  When did they become adults?  It seems like we started homeschooling just yesterday, but in fact it was seventeen years ago.  I was thirty-five.  I am now 52.  It was NOT yesterday.

There are three more years of teaching Claire, six more of teaching Brennan.  I must remember:  Finish strong. Each day, each year.  I want to stay inspired, stay energetic (or become energetic again.)  I want to enjoy the hard work ahead. Claire is by far my most creative student, Brennan is the most self-motivated. Creativity can have the time and freedom to blossom here at home; self-motivation gets a whole lot done.  I am really looking forward to this year.

We are using Sonlight Core H and Core 300 this year .  We're tweaking things (I love tweaking) but I am happy to have a lesson plan to start with.  I am excited to learn more about the 20th century, about physical science, about geography and poetry. 

We're back to speech (for Claire and Brennan) and debate (for Brennan.)  Claire is taking ballet for the first time.  For fun Brennan's been learning to juggle, thanks to an Usborne juggling set I found at one of the conferences I worked this summer.  We have plenty of familiar things, a few new ones thrown in, and we are off and running for a new school year.

We have stocked up on our own brand of essentials:  Cocoa...I should probably send Nestle a thank you note when we are done homeschooling.  It is miraculous what solace can be found in a cup of cocoa.  Cool new (to us) maps that we found in Natalie's things.  Brennan and I get lost in maps (in a good way, of course).  And today we head to the library where there is a stack of books on hold for us.  And for the teacher?  Bags of French roast beans ready to grind, and Hugh Laurie playing the blues on the ipod.  

This is going to be a great year.


Lori said…
We are doing the same Sonlight levels. :-) Happy schooling! I am at the moment roasting coffee but cocoa is sounding awfully good. Love and hugs to you. Lori
Di said…
Wish we could play Sonlight together, Lori. Miss you very much these days.

Risa said…
AMEN to the magic of a cup of steaming cocoa. Big hugs to all of you!
Quotidian Life said…
I'm finding so much common ground in this post: working with a creative and a self motivated student, two in college (I'm lacking the gap-year child. Good for Rex! I was wondering what he was up to.) Ballet for an older daughter--Kristen took a summer session from a British teacher who had to leave Yemen and landed in Amman. She loved it and hopes for more casual opportunities to continue. Getting lost in maps--that is me and I think the result is that I didn't do so well in teaching map literacy. Doesn't everyone like to get lost in maps and memorize capitals for the fun of it? Apparently not. Looks like we have the same world map but I had to cut the flags off so it would fit the designated wall space. Hope you have a great year!

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