I love figs

A large pile of ripe figs became a delicious dinner last weekend.  I cooked the fruit over low heat, added half a bottle pinot noir and a sprig of rosemary, and let the liquid reduce to a thick, burgundy sauce.  While the sauce reduced, I browned the pork roast and put it in the crock pot. Adding the sauce, I let it cook until the house was filled with the delicious fragrance.  

Cheesy polenta was the base for the tender meat and sauce.  



beth said…
That sounds AMAZING!
Alison said…
Luscious photo, Di.

Did you create the recipe or is it one you read in a cookbook?

We had some plums that were just bleh to eat so I cut them up and simmered them in vanilla, water, and sugar. I strained most of the liquid out and got enough for one jar of jam and kept the syrup for ice cream or something like that. It feels so satisfying to make something delicious and not waste food.
Di said…
It was my own creation, Alison and it turned out really well.

And I agree: it gives me a rush to make good things out of the leavings.

chris said…
not flavors i would have thought of putting together: i bet the result was not just yummy but pleasingly (gustatorily) complicated.

i'm curious though: is it still fig season where you are? in liguria, the figs started turning ripe in mid-august, and the season ended weeks ago...

have an excellent weekend!
Di said…
Fig season in the states begins in June and goes through early fall. We had a mild summer with a bit of heat in the last few weeks, so the growing season is lasting longer, Chris.

Happy Saturday,
stephseef said…
Figs give me the heebs.


Madelaine said…
Hey Mom, I can get the most delicious figs here. They are the Adriatic variety and are bright green on the outside and deep red on the inside. You practically feel Greek eating them. :) We should get some when you come up.

Di said…
Stephanie Seefeldt...you drink beet juice and you probably eat cheese curds. And figs give you heebs...

Love you,
stephseef said…
Love you, too. It's a texture issue. ;)

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