Road trip

Autumn's beauty is displaying itself boldly outside Madelaine's window in Eugene.  It was perfect Oregon weather for our trip north:  blue sky, a little rain, then plenty of fresh, cool air.  We were in town for a debate tournament, but I was able to sneak away on Thursday and spend the day with my marvelous daughter.  She came down with a nasty bug on Friday, so I was all the more grateful that we took the time away on Thursday.

A gorgeous drive to Harrisburg led to apple picking, difficult pumpkin decisions, and the chance for me to enjoy watching last year's roommates and their rich friendship.

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.  ~ Aristotle

Apple picking in the autumn, watching friends quietly chatting, being with my was a beautiful day. I am grateful.


Donna Boucher said…
Sounds just delightful.
So happy you were able to visit!
chris said…
glad you had such a good time in Eugene! hope Boethius and everything else is going well for Madelaine this autumn...

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