The Way I See It: Evening

Some evenings are for pulling in the driveway and being greeted by the warmth of light and life inside.

Or for watching the beams of the sun's final seconds fall upon the rustic wood in the kitchen,

and noticing the sunset with jaw-dropping awe.

But some evenings are spent on the road, being parent groupies, all set for an evening of loud and proud.

It was a solo acoustic night for Zack.


 You can learn a lot about your son when you hear his music, watch the joy as his fingers dance on the strings, see his heart in his lyrics.

It was a marvelous evening.  Thanks, Zack.


Molly Sabourin said…
"An evening of loud and proud" that! I never fail to be amazed by what images can communicate. Yours tell of a home that has become a haven from the chaos of the world, and inspire me to gift my own growing children with very purposeful and unlimited support. Thanks for this, Diane! It was tuly uplifting.

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