The Way I See It: Patience

Hidden in the midst of the piles of laundry that don't put themselves away, the dust balls that keep me from seeing the autumnal light dancing on the floor in the afternoon....


is the prize of patience, showing my reflection in all its glory.

It can often seem fleeting,

fragile, capable of bursting without warning,

but sometimes it comes to rest for awhile, helping me to love and live more fully.

Many thanks again, Molly, for The Way I See It photo prompts.  If you enjoy photography, please join the fun this week with the prompt simplicity.


The Autumn Rain said…
These are marvelous! I especially like the second one--the curve of the wand, your reflection, and the brightness of the hand against that black background.
dignature said…
Brilliant stuff.
Molly Sabourin said…
Diane, those are absolutely spectacular photographs!! Bravo!! And your written reflection on patience is a thing of beauty in itself. Thank you for this. What a treat. : )
Madelaine said…
Wow, Mom, those are awesome. :) Impressive work.

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