The Way I See It: Nourishment

The Thanksgiving Table 2011
Photo prompt from Molly at Close to Home.  Come join the fun:  The next prompt is Gratitude.

There is the nourishment of the food on Thanksgiving, but it is so much more than that.  The relationships, the traditions, the orchestration of the multifaceted meal, the autumn skies, the piles of dishes in the kitchen, the murmurs of gratitude around the house, the football, the annual viewing of Its A Wonderful Life...Thanksgiving is a day that nourishes my soul as well as my body.  

I love Thanksgiving.


Quotidian Life said…
Lovely, lovely photo, Diane.
Carol in Oregon said…
I love this in black and white. And I want to learn when b&w is the best choice. The light, the shadows, the reflections...oh, it is so evocative that my throat aches looking at it.

Di said…
Carol, I know that confusion of color vs b/w. The only way I have been learning is to use Lightroom and to click through their presets. That way I can play around with different types of color and b/w and figure out what shows the kind of detail I like best. I do love the blue tinge in this photo.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and to you, Melissa!


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