It is a very merry Christmas

When I dropped this man off at the airport on Friday afternoon, it meant he was flying away to be gone on Christmas.  But there was no sadness.  This was an important trip to see a beautiful woman.

And there was a very important question he had to ask this woman, the kind of question it is best to ask in person.

And she said YES!

We had a feeling that the answer would be yes, so our goofy elves got busy.  We had a new stocking that had to be added to the row.

The elves had to choose the right decorations.  They chose a platypus (yes, a platypus), a ring and a camera.  She is a lover of platypi, a wearer of a sparkling engagement ring, and a fabulous photographer.

Welcome to the family, Faith.

Congratulations to you both.  We love you!

Merry Christmas!


The Autumn Rain said…
Very merry indeed. Much love to all of you! So excited!
DebD said…
What wonderful news! Congratulations to all.
Dawn said…
Congratulations! :D
Carol in Oregon said…
Oh, I'm choked up here! So wonderful! Congratulations to all!
Skeller said…
aaaaah, what a happy story with a darling new stocking :-). Congrats to both the W- & C- families!!!
Patty Joanna said…
What a lovely family you are and will be.

New ages, new stages.

God grant them many many years.
Kathie said…
Happy happy news!! Congratulations!
Addie said…
*beams like crazy*

Thank you so much for the post, mama! And I loved the stocking! So very creative. I was sad the platypus fell off before I saw it, but I'll make sure to get it back on there by next Christmas. :D

I cannot wait to be a part of your amazing, fun, crazy-awesome family! I can't think of a family I'd rather become a part of. <3

Tons of love,
Anonymous said…
So very happy for you and your family. I have found our DILs to be so much fun and love them both dearly. I pray that you and your family have a Happy New Year!
love and prayers, jep
Staci said…
I got behind on blog reading over Christmas. I missed an engagement (here) and a new baby (somewhere else). Never again!
Di said…
Thanks for all the good wishes, my friends. Staci, I know the feeling of one look away for a second then ALL SORTS of things happen.

After all those years of little children and days that felt very long, suddenly it is moving so fast and I am having to hang on for dear life.

Happy New Year everyone,
Pilgrim said…
Congratulations! :-)

That Fiddler on the Roof song--what he sang.....

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