Time out

December 6th was the seventh anniversary of A Circle of Quiet. It has been a delightful seven years for me as a blogger, but I am wondering if it is time to stop. Without any particular reason tugging at me, it seems appropriate to consider the possibility of moving on. I am going to take a few weeks to decide and then will either formally close up shop or pick up where I left off.

We shall see.


chris said…
hi Di,

i shouldn't presume to speak for other readers, but i imagine that, however keenly we'd miss your blog, we all would want you to move on, if you decide that's best for you. i'm glad you've found blogging delightful; your blog--almost the first one i stumbled across--is always a treat for me!
DebD said…
these decisions are so very personal... I'm sure whatever you choose it will be a blessing to you and your family. However, you're the 2nd blogger to have made a similar new year's decision (even though you haven't officially decided).

I don't want to pressure you, but you will be missed.
I share your ambivalence and am wondering what to do about it. Start again with more streamlined purpose? Give it up completely? Try a different format?

It all comes back to that "seasons of life" idea, doesn't it?

Wishing you and your family health and happiness in this new year, Di. And wishing you clarity in this decision.

Best regards,

Anonymous said…
I do not know how to log in to leave a comment; however, I wanted you to know I have enjoyed your blog immensely - especially the Friday clive!

fmf Mississippi
stephseef said…
sniff. sniff. sniff.


affirm. affirm. affirm.
Anonymous said…
I've only just found you!
You've become one of my favorites.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I feel we are kindred spirits! I understand if you decide the time is right to move on . . . but selfishly I hope you decide to continue. You have become my favorite, too.
Anonymous said…
I would hate to see you leave. I read your blog every day. It has opened my mind and my heart and it has a way of calming me. If you decide to close up shop I wish you & your family only the best.
elizabeth said…
you would be missed; may you be blessed.
Laura Taylor said…
Love you Di...I know I get to talk with you at time but I love sharing and experiencing your creative and beautiful spirit. Thank you for your encouragement to start me blog...it really was your example that helped give me the courage to start.
Anonymous said…
I agree, you will be missed. I don't get by here as often as I would like. Living interferes and I suspect that may be part of your reason for thinking about giving up your blog. Life is so intense, children need us even as adults and especially when they have their own children. There are demands on our time, pulls from all sorts of directions. Whatever you decide I pray God will bless and be with you and your family. Thank you for all your blog comments and your QL comments. I always enjoying reading what you are thinking.
love and prayers, jep
Debbie Z. said…
Selfishly, I hope you will continue blogging. I have only been reading for a few months, but am always blessed. I love to see what you are reading and listening to. We have similar taste and you have given me some very good ideas. I hope you decide to continue but understand your commitment to your family and personal life- the things that should always come first. God bless. He has given you a great mind, much appreciated by kindred minds.
Di said…
I think Melissa has hit on what has been niggling me...I am bored with my current format. I am thinking of ways to be more creative, to keep blogging.

I just have to get through my mother's birthday on the 15th and the anniversary of her death on the 29th. I am calling January 30th my New Year's Day!

Thanks to all of you for commenting,
Kimberly said…
Yours is one of the first blogs I ever read. You would be missed, but I have been debating the same thing myself after five years...
Les said…
I will miss your gorgeous photos and tender words.

After almost six years of blogging, I decided to change my template. I am now much more inspired to blog when the mood strikes rather than out of a sense of obligation.
Anonymous said…
Dear Di, I left a comment on QL. I had to dig out my mom's memorial book to make sure I was not making a mistake, but it says she died on Jan. 29th. Honestly, I just remembered it as after her birthday. She was so sick on her last birthday and even forgot it was her birthday. I was staying with her and wished her a happy birthday and apologized for not having a gift or card. She smiled at me and just said, "you are here." It was a difficult time and the years have helped as time does to put things in perspective. I knew she loved me to the very end and I think felt my love, too. love & prayers, jep
Pilgrim said…
Here's to your mother, and a life well-lived........
Unknown said…
I would hate to see you quit because I have just rediscovered your blog, after two disasters trying to organize my feeds. I would say to wait. I was extremely ambiguous about my blog for a couple of years and just kept it because I had already quit and returned. Suddenly I had a renewed vision for my blog this year and I was happy I had not abandoned it.
Claire said…
I would be very, very sad if you stopped blogging mommy ='(. And think about it...if you stop blogging...you can't blog about the WEDDING!!! =)
Claire said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claire said…
Oh...right...lol...I'm so blonde =). Glad you're not done <3
Mary: said…
I think of you often, continue to read your entries and will most certainly miss you if you choose another avenue of creativity other than blogging.

Regarding your time away and and the thoughts and emotions that accompany this month:
Every good gift comes from the Father of light.
May He grant you His grace and every blessing,
and keep you safe throughout the coming year.
May He grant you unwavering faith,
constant hope, and love that endures to the end.
May He order your days and work in His peace,
hear your every prayer,
and lead you to everlasting life and joy.
-Catholic Liturgical Blessing

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