...dawn was the color of cornflowers with white clouds circling the horizon line, barricading us inside this dazzling canopy.

...started with tender words over dark roast coffee.  What a difference one conversation can make. Confession, forgiveness, the gentle breeze of grace.

...does not include going to a basketball game.  We have three to five games a week right now, and my rear end is numb.  What I didn't expect is that I will actually miss spending an hour screaming my support.

...Eric Metaxas spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast:

I only listened to Metaxas's speech, which starts at approximately the 34:30 mark in the video. I love that Metaxas is brilliant and funny and uncompromising and gracious.  My favorite line of the speech? "This is a Bonhoeffer moment." Yes!  Listen and tell me what you think.

...ended with cornflower fading to lightest blue, with cotton candy swirls dancing round the oak silhouettes across the valley; it was beauty from beginning to end.

In this season of wrestling and squeezing and scrimping and climbing out, such days are a miracle as big as a sea becoming dry land.  I am glad I had eyes to see.


chris said…
hi Di,

it's a busy time with graduate applications and hiring, so i've fallen behind on my blogs...perhaps it's too late for you to see this comment (dunno if you're automatically notified when comments appear), but in case it's not, i did see the Metaxas part of the video, and quite liked it. he's got a good delivery as well as sense of humor, and on the serious side i resonate to the Bonhoefer theme of the inseparability of faith and obedience...

loved the photos, too...

stephseef said…
-----This is a Bonhoeffer moment ----


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