March Madness

It's that time again...when the brackets hang on the mantle.  And today there is still hope for all of us.

As the two-time winner, I have had no assistance this year from my rather bitter youngest son.  He seems to think the only reason I won for the last two years is because of his help.  Well, we shall see about that.  I have every intention of Three-Peating!

My choices are pretty conservative, particularly for the Final Four, but I have a few early Cinderella picks to make the risks exciting.

Warning:  March Madness brings out the competitive beast around here.  If you stop by, brace yourself for weeping and gnashing of teeth or gloating and victory dancing.  There is no middle ground in is win or LOSE, do or die.

Here's to the Three-Peat!


Skeller said…
You go, Di!!! 3Peat, 3Peat, 3PEAT!!!

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