Where do I even begin?

Sometimes the fullness of life gets squeezed into a few weeks.

Travel to Long Beach for work at a homeschool convention....

and One Way Productions' excellent job on Quest For Honor: A King Arthur Musical, with Claire playing a very convincing Morgana. (Don't let that smile fool you!)

In the midst of the swirl, we dashed away to our favorite winery for two nights of quiet and rest to celebrate our 26th anniversary,

returning in time to watch sapphire tulle swirl to the sounds of Masquerade.  Beauty in motion.

Then suddenly it was time to start the adventures that would culminate in the wedding of our son and his beautiful bride.  First, though, I took off early to spend a few days in Eugene with Madelaine. I could stare out these beautiful windows for hours.  In fact, I did!

Then it was on to Carol's to cook the rehearsal dinner.  Well, that was our stated purpose, but we really savored the chance to talk for HOURS.  Being able to start on a topic, finish it, come back to it, add a few more things, and talk about it some more was a rare gift between friends who live so doggone far apart.  It appears that Carol's job in my life is to be so incredibly generous that I have to learn how to receive without being able to respond in kind.  She is amazing.

I wore my mother's apron, tying those strings around my waist with a prayer of gratitude for her love.  Oh, she would have loved that rehearsal dinner meal.  And she would have sat back and soaked in my son's smile.  It was a beautiful sight.

The twinkle lights and tiki torches lit up the night, but nothing sparkled as brightly as the bride and groom.  What a happy couple, and man! do they know how to have fun at a party.

The Callihan farm was like a fairy land as the sun set.  Faith and her family created the perfect ambiance for a wedding.  The evening ended with a pyromaniac's dream fireworks display, and the newlyweds ran off to their new life together under a canopy of sparklers.  God grant you many years, my dear ones.

We drove home by way of Eugene, bringing Madelaine back to school along with her dear friend Juliet.  Wedding bouquets do better in water than they do tucked into the car door, but sometimes you just want to keep the golden beauty nearby.  The drive was long, but it gave me hours to reflect on the blessings of the last few months.  It is a wonderful life after all!

FYI:  I have finally caught up on my photo blog, I have posted recipes from the rehearsal dinner on my recipe blog AND I have posted curriculum I have to sell on a new tag sale blog.  If you know of anyone who might need homeschool curriculum, I would appreciate you sending them my way.

Happy summer to you all!!!


elizabeth said…
wow! happy with you! what blessings! and a beautiful newly wed couple! rejoicing at it all!
The Autumn Rain said…
I've been enjoying the wedding pictures on facebook. Our Idaho trip came just a few weeks too late this year! Much love to you!
Quotidian Life said…
What a fitting title for your post! I feel this way every May, but I think a wedding definitely trumps any busy month I've had. And, kudos to you and John for getting away to celebrate your anniversary in the midst of it all--we've missed a few June 1st celebrations in the midst of our busyness.
Dawn said…
Congratulations! :)

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