Cooking adventures continue

In the last week I made Hollandaise sauce for the first time, resulting in delicious Eggs Benedict (my favorite brunch entree.) It was deeply satisfying to have that sauce look and taste so....hollandaisey.

I also made a pear tart and created my own recipe for some glaze. I made it with crystallized ginger and it was the perfect blend of flavors. As silly as it sounds, it made me feel rather accomplished to come up with the idea. The humility comes with the crust, however; it was only so-so. I think I must be too rough for good pastry, and I'll have to learn to tone it down.

And I did a variation on huevos rancheros. They are basically eggs fried with salsa served on warm corn tortillas. Add a few slices of avodado and presto! Yumola. Delicious, colorful, easy breakfast in less than five minutes.

I also made, and forgot to photograph, Julia Child's coq au vin. Wow. Another thick and tasty sauce made out of oodles of wine. It was a winner, and I will make it again. But next time I will take a picture of its perfection.


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