My mothers' laugh....

There's big news around here.

My sons were the 5th placed team at a debate tournament this weekend.

We got to dig our toes into the sands of the beach.

And when we got home it all came to a halt when I had to rush my mother to the hospital. She was short of breath, and it got very serious very quickly. They told me there was a chance she would not make it long enough to even get to a regular hospital room. They urged me to have my family come in, and they did. I called her priest, as I had promised I would. But slowly she rallied. She was more aware. She was back.

And this morning she called laughing, asking if I had her teeth. My mother's laugh is the best sound in the world, and last night at 9:00 I thought I would not have the privilege of hearing it again. What an amazing gift.

I am off to deliver the goods and to hear more from the doctors about what is going on with my dear, wonderful mother.

More later on The Mom Update and all that debate/sand news.


Islandsparrow said…
Dear Diane,

Praying for you, your dear mom and your family.

Lynn in WI said…
She rallied! I love how you love your mom, Diane. Continuing to pray for all of you.

Flavia Sunshine said…
Dear Dianne,

i've been following your blog for so long now from far away Italy. You never cease to amaze me for the love you show for your family, children, husband, mother and the zest for life you probably inherited from your incredible mom.
I'm praying for you all !


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