My friend-not-yet-met Donna

Back when there was no Facebook, back when I had no idea what a blog was, I joined a message board for homeschoolers.  It was there I "met" Miz Booshay and found her Quiet Life.  Over the years I have enjoyed her stories and photographs and encouragement.  I love reading about her family, and not just her husband and four children.  There are great stories of her parents and her six siblings, stories full of love and tenderness and humor.

Names in the comment section have become familiar, become email friends, and some I have even met and enjoyed fellowship with.  When my daughter got sick with staph, my "friends" prayed and prayed and prayed; when Mom became ill last June, they started praying some more.  As strange as it sounds,  I have felt the power of this distant support.    

The comment section has not been without controversy.  Mustard, pictures of swimming babies, red carpet wardrobes...we have voiced our opinions with vehemence and grace, a rare combination.  Donna sets the tone for a loving community.

A few months ago, Miz Booshay's sister Sue was diagnosed with a tumor, inoperable, and the prognosis was not good.  It was hard to explain to my children how I could cry tears for a friend whom I have never met, about her sister whom I have also not met. And then tears fell again this weekend as Sue passed from this life to the next.

Today is the service for Sue.  Today will be hard for my friends-yet-met Donna and Janet.  Saying goodbye can rip the heart, stretching our faith and our understanding of what love can bear.  Today I am praying, asking God for mercy and peace for these lovely ladies who have such a heritage, such a family.

Thank you, Donna, for the community you have created.  My life is richer for the friends I have met (and have yet to meet) there.

Love you.  Mean it.


Steph Seefeldt said…
You are not alone in your tears shed for a family you've never met. Today is 'lovin' on the Glyman-Girls' day here at our house, too, even though my husband and children think I'm a little nutso to be so moved. I am. Nutso and moved. And at the top of my list of friends-not-yet-met is the lady who encouraged me how to cook well for my family at the end of the month....

In the name of the One who loves and sustains us, and TVP,
Anonymous said…
I know what you mean about forum/online friends. Some are very, very dear to me. hugs for you and prayers for Susie, Donna and their families.

"With the saints give rest to the soul of your servant who has fallen asleep.."
Carol in Oregon said…
Di, you are a huge part of the reason the Quiet Life Comments Section is so wonderful. Because you have unapologetically brought your passion for life and people and friendship.

I have learned so much from Donna and her blog posts at Quiet Life. And I have learned much from you and your responses.

I read this and think about the friends-yet-met that I yearn to meet and spend time with. And thankfully, SO THANKFULLY, you are not among that group. But I do yearn to spend *more* time with you. Could we have a crazy-wild good time at a retreat?'s unimaginable.

Two thoughts float in my brain: isn't this life of dear, yet unmet, friends crazy? and Isn't God kind? I think of the thousands (millions perhaps?) of women who lived isolated lives and dealt with all their joys and sorrows alone.


Alison said…
You brought me to Quiet Life, so I thank you for bringing Donna into my life. Ironically, my good friend Jenna here in HMB knows Donna in real life--life is very strange and wonderful that way. I've been thinking of Donna and her family all week. They are walking such a hard road, but they are surrounded by love and faith--and friends like you.

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