Traveling like us....

What is a family to do when they have seven seats, seven family members, and loads of stuff to pack?

We've used a roof bag for years, but this year that was not enough. We needed sleeping bags for our stop in Eugene, and we had extra luggage because we were sending one son off on a second week of vacation after we were done at the beach.

Fortunately for us, our friend Mike has designed the perfect solution.

Meet the AeroPACK:

From the website:

"I discovered that roof mount carriers (boxes, racks and bags) are a pain to load, rob mileage, and can take up a lot of garage space. I felt there had to be a better way, so I developed AeroPACK. It mounts out of the wind stream, is fast to put on and take off, the aerodynamic design improves air flow, and it folds flat for easy storage.

AeroPACK is a new class of cargo carrier that is easy to use, rugged, fits all types of cars and vans and saves fuel. Customers say it is ideal to carry camping gear, sports equipment, luggage and other soft gear. It is flexible to fit on sedans, minivans, hatch backs, wagons, vans and even the Prius! If you have a compact car or just need more room for your gear, AeroPACK is the answer."

To get more information, or to order your AeroPACK, contact Mike at their website. We love the pack, we love Mike, and we recommend both to you.

And maybe one of these days we can enjoy the aerodynamic benefits of the AeroPACK by getting rid of the roof bag. Probably not soon, but someday.


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