The Friday Clive

"Something really new did happen at Bethlehem:  not an interpretation but an event.  God became Man.  On the other hand there must be a sense in which God, being outside time, is changeless and nothing ever "happens" to Him.  I think I should reply that the event at Bethlehem was a novelty, a change to the maximum extent to which any event is a novelty or change: but that all time and all events in it, if we cd. see them all at once and fully understand them, are a definition or diagram of what God eternally is.  But that is quite different from saying that the incarnation was simply an interpretation, or a change in our knowledge.  When Pythagoras discovered that the square on the hypotenuse was equal to the sum of the squares on the other sides he was discovering what had been just as true the day before though no one knew it.  But in 50 B.C. the proposition "God is Man" wd. not have been true in the same sense in wh. it was true in 10 AD. because tho the union of God and Man in Christ is a timeless fact, in 50 B.C. we hadn't yet gt to that bit of time which defines it."


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